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I’m Lety, a fitnessmom from Milan who is trying to merge nutrition with cuisine.
I love body building, crossfitting, and most of all eating with a flexible approach, so I put everything together and I came up with this blog.

I usually draw inspiration from Italian traditional cuisine to make my fit style meals.
I also like to tweak and change my country’s recipes with an eye on world cuisine, in order to fit my daily macros.

One thing is certain, I am not a conservative chef. I’ll never say “This is the way it’s always been done, so you have to do the same”…no no no…Am I a rebel? Yes, I probably am.
A rebel in the kitchen, and in life as well.
So if you’re looking for a proper traditional Italian recipe… Sorry, wrong place, but I can suggest a couple of good web sites.

Food is a joy and a necessity as well as an extremely important tool for nourishing the body, especially in a fitness lifestyle.
I was stuck in the chicken and broccoli rut for too long, then I realised that there is big wide world of possibilities outside that dullness.

It’s just about creativity and imagination, and a little hint of crazy of course.
I’d like to share my fit food pantry, my recipes, lifestyle, fitness journey and my experiments with fresh and local goods… And my epic fails too…yes there’s a ton of those too.
I try to make my recipes as easy as possible, the motto is: fewer ingredients with precedence to organic and local produce.
I often use Protein Powder (PP) out of the usual shaker to enhance my protein daily uptake, so many recipes are PP based, especially in desserts or in breakfast preparations.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading them and that you’ll try my recipes (let me know if you do) as well as being inspired to live an active and healthy happy life.

I am here to share, to grow and become stronger than the day before.
I’ll be far beyond happy if you find anything that suits you.
I can’t wait to hear from you all,

See you soon,


I would like point out that I’m not a dietitian, or a physician for that matter.
This blog represents exclusively my lifestyle, my path and my passions.
I’m happy to share, but remember to ask your physician for information and advice regarding your own diet.

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